My New Dolly

I love dolls. :) I have a collection of rag dolls and stuffed animals that fills an entire bookshelf, and I sleep with at least 3 dolls and various stuffed animals. If I travel, I take a doll with me. :)
Tragic made me this doll. I think she's beautiful. :)
Thank-you, Tragic. :)


Shai said…
Cute! The sandtrout sleeps with 3 stuffed animals: spots (from "put me in the zoo"), bambi, and piglet. :)
I'll photograph them all sometime for you.
You should take a picture of your bookshelf with all the dolls on it!
AnnieAngel said…
Hehehehe. Ok. :)
Shoelimpy™ said…
You are welcome, Miss Annie :)

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