Major Score!!!!!

Oh am I a happy little girl!!! This place was getting all new office furniture and they were giving away their old stuff!! I'm the proud new owner of a desk which is more like a star ship bridge. :)

Joy. :) It's HUGE and it curves and everything. :) It even has a locking drawer. :)

And it was FREE!!!!


woodrow said…

Wha...? This Place... They...

Ya' know what? (sometimes you are a little short on narrative, ok? just wanted you to know.)


woodrow said…
(ps: If Tragic comes around, tell her I can't leave a comment on grrl. but If I could it would be..

D: Does this matter?

A: Yes, because she does.)
AnnieAngel said…
I scored. A free kickass desk.

Tragic, if you're reading this, Woods can't comment on your blog. It matters, because you matter. I can't even open your site, you are just too damn brilliant with the webpage graphics. :)
Shai said…
I need a new computer desk. Mine is starting to do that thing where it bows in the middle. :/
You should take a pic of the new FREE desk for us! :D
AnnieAngel said…
My camera won't plug into this dinosaur, I can't post pictures.

I hope you get a new desk soon, Shai. Sometimes I read Craigslist San Fransisco and look at all the wonderful free stuff. I could have gotten 5 pianos last night!!!!! But then you kind of have to live in San Fran to get the stuff and that would be just EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

People who live there and go out and buy new stuff and then whine about how poor they are should be shot, IMO.
Shai said…
That sucks that your computer is antiquated. But when the cylons attack ours will crash and yours will keep on running! You will be the only one left with a computer and it will be up to you to save humanity. Then all the hot guys will want to thank you "anyway they can" for saving them. :)

I'm thinking of checking out the second hand stores for a new desk. I drive a pontiac aztec so I can fit really big stuff in the back. ;)
Maybe I will go to yard sales this weekend and look for one.
One thing I have been looking for at yard sales is a potato bin, a little wooden one. My father-in-law has one that says "taters and onions" on it. I covet it, but I doubt his evil wench of a wife would ever give it up. I'll have to wait until she dies and arm wrestle my sister-in-laws for it. :/
AnnieAngel said…
You should be able to get a potato bin at pretty much any of those little woodworking/craft/youknow places. They sell them around the corner from me at a like fleamarket store place for like 20 bucks.

I think you could build it yourself for less though, Shai. Or make your Hubby build you one. A NICER one than the evil wench's. ;)
Shai said…
It actually used to be my mother-in-laws, who I never met but was supposed to have been really cool. Then my father-in-law married this succubus who claimed it as her own. errrrrrr
I don't think I have the ingenuity to create one myself, but my father-in-law does! He has a wood working shop and everything. But he always makes bird houses, that's it. They have like 3 dozen bird houses in their yard. So I might end up with a potato bin that looks like a bird house.
A craft store sounds like a good plan.

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