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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Free Hostas!

A whole bunch of them! Some lady was digging them all up and I asked her why and she said she's putting in a hedge and I asked if I could have them and she said yes, please take them!

So, now they are all nice and snuggly in their new home and they look totally kickass.



  • At 21/6/06 10:43 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    I wonder why she didn't want them? They are a sort of leafy vine type thing, right? Can you eat them? ;)

  • At 22/6/06 9:32 AM, Blogger woodrowsaid…

    Duh, what's a "Hostas"? Picture, please.

    (BTW, you seem to be in a better mood today! Goody!)

  • At 23/6/06 7:09 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I don't know if you can eat them. :) They aren't really a vine, I think you are thinking of pathos, they kinda have the same leaf.

    She didn't want them because she was putting in a hedge and had no room for them. She even put them all into pots, and cut them up real professional like for me. I just had to return the pots. :)

    If you do an image search for Hosta, Woods, you'll find pictures of lots of different types. :) One day I'll be known as the "crazy lady with the hostas and the cats."

  • At 23/6/06 9:13 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    Little kids will dare each other to touch your porch. You can jump out and yell "get off my lawn punks!" And then they will run away screaming with a huge adrenaline rush. It will be so fun! I want to be the scarey lady too. But instead of hostas and cats I want potatos, squash, and some sort of bug eating lizards everywhere.

  • At 23/6/06 9:13 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    Woodrow, are you in a helicopter?

  • At 23/6/06 9:52 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I have a lizard, a great big iguana. Sometimes in the summer I let him crawl on the front lawn and people freak out. :)

  • At 24/6/06 12:01 AM, Blogger woodrowsaid…


    No, I'm here, at my computer.

    (if you're talking about the photo, it's a
    Beechcraft Barron. I never could handle the Robinson rotary, but I hope to)

    Annie, BTW I did look them up. They look like they're very lovely. Also, I like your forward thinking. No one wnt to be just "the crazy old lady". Hostas and cats make you excentric, not "just crazy".

  • At 24/6/06 12:05 AM, Blogger woodrowsaid…

    "wnt"...WTF? Where did I get that from?

  • At 24/6/06 12:14 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    I want to see your lizard! Post a picture of him, please please please!

  • At 24/6/06 12:26 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Here's one!

  • At 24/6/06 12:33 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Oh and I wrote an article on bloggingpoints on how to tell if your children have been influenced by Liberals, you might like it. :)

  • At 24/6/06 3:54 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    He's so cute! I love his raccoon striped tail! I want one. :)
    What's his name?

    Oh, I'm going to go read that article right now! I need to know if my Sandtrout has been influenced by evil liberals.

  • At 24/6/06 4:15 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I call him Froggy. :)

    He has a very bad attitude, he's a nasty and grumpy old man. He hates everyone and everything. :)

  • At 24/6/06 4:27 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    How cute! A grumpy lizard. My son would love him. Do they eat vegetables or bugs or both?

  • At 24/6/06 9:28 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    He eats mostly green leafy vegatables. He also love carrots and apples, and sometimes he likes watermelon. I also give him these little fruitloop smelling things from the pet store. I don't feed him bugs, he's tame and most people say not to, but when he's outside he goes after them sometimes. :) In the wild they eat bugs and veggies.

    He hisses at me and snorts salt out of his nose.

  • At 24/6/06 10:05 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    He's so cute! I thought about getting one before, but I didn't want to have to buy bugs for it. Maybe I will rethink it now that I know they can be vegetarians.
    I have a friend who owns rats. I don't really like them so much. They are very needed and chew holes in her clothes. :P

  • At 24/6/06 11:07 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I've had three pet rats. My first one was when I was like 9 or 10, I was playing baseball at the school in the summer, and a lady came up with a bag and asked if anyone wanted a rat, I thought she said hat, I really did and I always want everything anyway so I yelled I WANT IT!!! She gave me the bag and took off before I opened it. My mother was mad at first, then she named it Ben, even though it was a black hooded rat. :)

    I had another after I moved out, it was a black mogolian sewer rat which I named....Ben. :) He wieghed five pounds and would shake his cage if he smelled food. I really loved that guy.

    I also had a brown hooded rat that I only bought when I found out he wasn't for sale he was food for their snake at the store. I had to rescue him!!! He was so cute and tried his hardest to get my attention. :)

    But they don't live very long and they all die of cancer and I'm the type who will take a rat to the vet for an operation and cry all night when he dies. :(

  • At 24/6/06 11:46 PM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    Awe. :(
    My friend is a psychology student and rescued her rat from one of the labs. Then she got a dumbo eared rat from the pet store and it turned out to be pregnant, so she ended up with a bunch of rats. She also has a bunch of scratches all over her body from letting them climb on her. I think she is getting rid of some of them this weekend.
    BTW, Ben is a cute name for a rat! My husband has that movie. He says it's great, and claims it is the sequel to Willard.

  • At 25/6/06 12:59 AM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    If you can watch Ben and not bawl your eyes out, you're heart is made of stone. STONE! It is the sequel to Willard, mean old Willard!! I start to cry if I even hear that stupid Michael Jackson song from the movie. (the movie is the only reason my mother let me keep the first rat, and why she called it Ben)

    Don't watch it Shai!! It's tied on the bawl factor with Terms of Endearment, and that one with the kid who wants to win the dog-sled race to win the money to save his grandpa's farm and the dog dies and he carries it across the finish line, whatver that horrible movie is called.

  • At 25/6/06 10:16 AM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    Now you got me curious, I have to watch it! Maybe I will dig it out of my husbands movie closet later.
    Yes, he has a big, double doored, walk-in closet dedicated to his movie collection. :/

  • At 25/6/06 4:34 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Leave it in the closet, you'll cry your eyes out, Shai!

    Ben, the two of us need look no more
    We both found what we were looking for
    With a friend to call my own
    I'll never be alone
    And you my friend will see
    You've got a friend in me

  • At 26/6/06 11:36 AM, Blogger Shaisaid…

    Ben's coming out of the closet one of these days. As soon as I am in the mood to cry my eyes out.


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