He Got Me

So Mr. Cali says to me today, did you hear the new AC/DC track, "When Hell freezes over" yet? I'm like, um, no. Then he starts singing it to me, "when Hell freezes over, I'll see you when Hell freezes over", and he even air guitared a solo, and i'm like nope, haven't heard it, when did you hear it?

Then he says, I didn't hear it, I just made it up. Then he started laughing his ass off. I gave him a good one in the gut.

What. A. Dick. Good song though.


Shai said…
ha ha ha
What a nerd! What a dick!
I hope you ruptured his spleen for teasing you like that.
AnnieAngel said…
:) He says ACDC only really has a few songs that they rewrite over and over.

He's such a looser. But it could have been ACDC. Hehehe.

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