I Might Buy This Place

hattytown barn


It needs about a million years of work, but ohhh, you should see the wallpaper in the house. :) There's no shower or bathtub, but there's tons of mold! And the floors are all crooked. :)

I love it. I want to make a princess tower in the silo.

Edit for Shai: This is cement board


Shai said…
I love the old barn and silo, and the yard! But I don't love mold. Ick. I had anxiety attacks because our basement leaks when it rains really hard. I'm a clean freak though.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to clean it up, but I'd have a pro do it. I'm not playing with mold.

All basements leak. It's a law or something. This place has a dungeon more than a basement. Love it.
Shai said…
Yeah, the only thing that sucks is there is dry wall downstairs because smoe of the basement is finished. ugh
I don't want a mold problem too.
AnnieAngel said…
Did you get the drywall dry right away? You can put up cement board instead, like you'd put under tile in a shower. It will resist the water better.

Is it leaking down the walls or up through the floor?
Shai said…
Up through the floor. Cement board is a good idea! Can you get that at home depot? I could just put it around the bottom? My dad says most of the dry wall looks mold resistant. Hopefull the people who lived here last didn't insulate it. :-/
AnnieAngel said…
Yes you can get it at homedepot. Durock is one brand. If the basement is damp, I'd replace it all.

Can you cut a small hole in the drywall and see if it's insulated behind? It probably isn't.

If it's mold resistant maybe it's already cement board, drywall is not mold resistant. Which is why you can't use it in tile showers.
Shai said…
I hope it is already cement drywall. How do you tell? This stuff is new to me.
AnnieAngel said…
I put a link to a pic of cement board on the main post, the link was too big for the comment box.

If it's not finished it's easy to tell.
scammy said…
Mr Scam would loooooove another giant project to work on. I dont think Shai has ever seen him sid down for anything other than to plan his next project.
AnnieAngel said…
Tell him I pay in beer and chili!
scammy said…
If you're planning on feeding him that you might want to make him sleep in the barn too.

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