You rock my world. I hope they don't catch on that you're really Simels!


andy said…
I hope they never figure anything out.

Some folks are just so frickin angry they'll jump on anything.

I like that bit where you play your manager, Tony what's his name.
andy said…
aww snap, now you know my real name.

c'est la vie.
AnnieAngel said…
Andy is a cute name. :)

Lots of anger floating around lately. Lots of places.

I think the problem with Todd is he needs to learn how to use soap.
Anonymous said…
oh yeah, but really, who is simels?

I think I remember him, but I'd need a link or something to remember for sure.

Not that I actually care.
Anonymous said…
And I was serious about that Palindrome comment.

It's like Thunderdrome in there these days. I nominate you to be Tina Turner.
AnnieAngel said…

All the Simels you can handle. Careful with him, he's not Todd. He's a true nutcase.

I nominate you to be Mel Gibson. :)
Anonymous said…
Well, he's a nutcase with decent taste in music, i'll give him that.
AnnieAngel said…
I wouldn't know. I think he used to review stereos too. Something, I can't remember.

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