Ever Get A Song Stuck In Your Head?

And then actually find not only the song but also the intro to the show you loved it from on youtube?

I love the internets.


You gotta stop watching the Telemundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
LOL, I saw this years and years ago in Mexico, it was my second Mexican soap. :) The first was a historical drama about half naked men working on a tequilla plantation......oh yeah.

Great way to learn a language, soaps are. Largate! Mentira! No me gritas!
Check this blog out sweety, you need it: mormonhatershow.blogspot.com
AnnieAngel said…
No thanks. I hate Mormons so much, that even the word Mormon in the link will cause me to not click it. Plus, your name kinda freaks me out, it sounds like some kind of evil Harry Potter villian.
AnnieAngel said…
Oh, and as to the "sweety" remark, I'm telling Jesus. Because I know Him. You can tell the Bishop. He'll probably ask why I was offended. You won't know.

You can know Jesus though, if you choose to. He promises you eternal life, what does Smith promise you? A planet near Kolob and a bunch of wide-hipped spirit wives? Are you insane? Seriously, are you?

Repent, find God. Ask Jesus into your heart. I'll pray for you.

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