Hot Jewish Guy

This is a hot Jewish guy who is in my kitchen right now. He is not a doctor.

Notice how he's hot. And Jewish. But the Jewish means nothing to the hotness. Hot is universal, there are no special types, or variations. Jewish, Columbian, Dutch, if they are hot, they are hot. Hot means hot. It means, I would probably let (generic hot) him stick it in if I didn't know him.

This has been a public service announcement.

Oh and Happy HNT!


Osbasso said…
He's not quite my cup of tea, but we appreciate the PSA!
Amorous Rocker said…
Hot means hot, indeed. Lol. Happy HNT!
He isn't that Jewish -- he doesn't have enough man hair!


Annie, I heart you for this one!!!

Pinko smack down for you at RoD!
He does have Jew man boobs!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
You are so flirting right now.

AG hits anything Jewish except VD from, oh nevermind... You know what AG is going to say.
Do we get to see his schmecky next week? That's how AG knows whether they are Jewish.
AnnieAngel said…
LOL. Take my word for it. :) I've never seen a "non-jewish" wang in real life and I sure as hell never want to. Saw one on tv once, I hid behind the couch.
I have seen a non Jewish wang in real life. It's OK. But like the naked John and Yoko album show you -- it's no prize!
AnnieAngel said…
THAT REMINDS ME! Did you see the Two Corey's last night? (annie loves boths coreys with her whole heart)

Feldman and Susie did some ad spread thing for PETA, in bed, like John and Yoko but without the purity. I wasn't impressed. It hurts to say that, I love Corey Feldman so much.

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