I can't believe you called Corey a fake friend! And you DID SO say it. In print.

That's not a nice thing to say, and you know it. He cares deeply about you. I've had it. You sell your friends like you sell your teeth.


How do you watch this? I watched it in your honor for like 5 minutes yesterday. It annoyed me as much as the Hills.

AnnieAngel said…
I haven't seen the Hills so I don't know how annoying it is, but the Coreys kind of default to annoying even without all the stupid "reality" garbage.

But if you sit through the annoying, you can see how much they love each other. I watch for the love. :)

Even though they are both being dicks and refusing to even be in the same room together anymore. They were interviewed (notice the they) for People and they refused to be together so they did it hours apart.

Can you imagine Annie and AG acting like that?

AnnieAngel said…
And thank-you for watching just for me. :) That's sweet.
Anything for my BFF. That's the whole point of blogs -- learning about things that you might like from others.

I am getting into the morning news now. So, that's a start. I also watched some stupid HBO doc on anti abortion crazies. Ugh.
AnnieAngel said…
Ugh. How can you watch that? One good thing about Canada, you don't see that kind of fuckedness.

I've been into tunnels and caves lately. There's been a kind of hot guy on the History Channel going under cities and stuff, it's pretty cool.
AnnieAngel said…

And OMG he's Jewish!
AnnieAngel said…
Wha?? You need to add php after the dot in that addy, stupid paste.

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