Phil Collins SUCKS


Annie, don't evah change! I will have to link this to RoD and get Billy P. over here. He'll love it.
AnnieAngel said…
How can you not love Peter Gabriel?
AnnieAngel said…
I mean, Annie loves him more than the little Pearl Jam guy.

But not more than Corey Feldman. He sang to Susie and she cried. He's just that fucking good.
Pinko Punko said…
ABACAB- that was great when he sang that.
AnnieAngel said…
You are such a freak.
I told ya Pinko would be by!
AnnieAngel said…
You know him so well. :)
Stop by Empire of the Senseless -- Billy Pilgrim is bringing it!
AnnieAngel said…
Abacab again. I just don't get it. And you know what? I'm GLAD.
Billy is da man.
AnnieAngel said…
He said Peter Gabriel was goony. Well, goonies are good enough for me!

You should ban him, AG.
Annie, he wants to be banned. BP has never been banned and he hates that. He says stuff to get banned. We don't ban him just to mess with him!
AnnieAngel said…
He should be forced to beg for banning.

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