Really Cute Nerd

Remember this guy from the big gulp video ages ago?? He claims he doesn't do drugs. Hmmmmm. He has bristol board and a marker in this one. You don't need to really listen to him, but he's cute. Needs a haircut and a nicer shirt, but what nerd doesn't??

Intergalactic wars. What a cutiepie.


Shai said…
You're right, he is cute but would look better without the big, puffy hair-do. What he was saying could have just been "blah blah blah." :D
AnnieAngel said…

She makes a blog appearance!!!

Great Maker!

Yeah, the hair is just bad. He was really cute when he got excited about whatever it is he was blabbing about. He even lisped a bit. :)
I know! Shai, where have you been Sweetie?

I dunno, he's too generic goy for AG, but I don't mind looking at him. He's kind of a push for me.
AnnieAngel said…
I'd like to wait until he's on a roll with his space talk, and then say, pbbbbbbbbbbt, riiiiiiiiight.

Simple things like that drive nerd boys up the wall. Fun!
He's not nerdy enough for me. I like a boy who can wax poetic about science and medicine.
AnnieAngel said…
I like a boy who can shut the fuck up. :)
Shai said…
I agree with Annie. He needs to shut up...or talk about something more interesting.
AnnieAngel said…
Yep, like me. :)
Especially what he can do for you!
AnnieAngel said…
And for how long!!

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