Shelly Is A Skank With A Skunky Snatch

It's true, she had anal sex with some fat guy with bad hair who lives in his parent's basement and used old laundry boxes as paper on which to write epic odes to how best Shelly is so he could fuck her in her ass. He told me all about it, he said she made little piggy grunt sounds and it was so distracting that he lost his erection while she was cumming and making a noise like a cat caught in a screen door and her anus cramped at the loss of orgasm and clamped down on his penis so hard that an ambulance had to be called to take them to the vet to extract his dinky from her chocolate hoo-hoo.

The police decided not to press beastility charges against the fat bad haired guy as it was evident that Shelly wanted it as she kept begging the vet to stick his penis in her vagina to both try and wiggle fat guy's dick from her ass and scratch her yeasty itch at the same time.

But sadly, Shelly doesn't love the fat guy anymore. Now she's in love with me, LOL!

Ah, teenagers. :D


cliff said…
Look Annie... I know you hate me, and I really do hate you as well. I hate all of you freakin' Christ following whackjobs.
However, I thought you might be interested to know that there is a group of whacked out bible thumping idiots just like yourself that feels God intended everyone to be naked... These guys live in my state, and I met a bunch of them at the nude beach.

AnnieAngel said…
I don't hate you Cliff, that would imply emotion toward you, and frankly I don't give a fuck. :)

Datbury said…
I'm at a loss for words.
AnnieAngel said…
That's how I felt for a minute until I realised I actualy had a lot of words. Watch out for Shelly, Dats! She's scary!
cliff said…
You know... I'm constantly disappointed in the quality of your retorts. When you poke a spider (or just about any other sentient being) with a stick, they generally come back with something biting, witty, or otherwise interesting.

Maybe you could write a haiku about what a looser I am... Give me something to work with.

Ps. Since you buy into the bad work of fiction, commonly known as the bible (lower case b intended for disrespect of the work) I am able to clearly infer that you lack the most basic education. It is for this reason that I will tell you *how* to write a haiku.

1) they do not have to rhyme.
2) they are composed of three lines
3) the first and third lines have 5 syllables.*
4) the second line has 7 syllables.

*A syllable is a unit of sound composed of a central peak of sonority (usually a vowel), and the consonants that cluster around this central peak.

Here is an example:

a skank with a skunky snatch
prays for salvation

See... I'm an eloquent friggin genius!

Piss off... Or better yet on your lame-ass bible.
AnnieAngel said…
You do realise that this is my blog right?

What's up Cliff? Why are you here? You are obviously an idiot with no clue, so I'm really interested in what you think you accomplish by posting here...

...let me in on the secret, freak.
Let me help you to understand. It's because Cliff has come to realize that your blog and it's innane content is kind of like violent butt sex. You're curious to try it, but it hurts like a motherfucker afterwards.

Right now, he is in his office weeping.
AnnieAngel said…
You and Cliff had violent butt sex?

Yeah. We were wondering what it would feel like to be Annie. It felt just like I thought it would...dirty.
AnnieAngel said…
Any particular reason you post here? Hmmm?

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