Contra Viento Y Marea


Soap Opera.


When Appalonia's mother poisoned her and then herself.....I stood and applauded.

It beats out Maria Isabelle as my all time fave.


AnnieAngel said…
Lord X, why bother posting here?

I'm just going to delete you every time.

Now why don't you go troll as Shi some more?
Anonymous said…
you saggy-faced cow. extolling your own virtues and talking out of your flabby, spunk-encrusted arsehole about things you cannot pronounce, never mind understand. fuck off with your cunting blog.
AnnieAngel said…

Maybe for you soap operas are hard to understand, but for most people they're not.

My virtues are manifold. My clothes are nice too.
Steer Pike Pie said…
I manifolded your mama last night.

Well, not really.

I'd manifold you in a second though, sweet pea.
Anonymous said…
Those roses at the top of your blog look very vaginal.

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