La De Da

It's snowing outside. It's so beautiful, a nice gentle snowfall, the trees all blanketed and the lawn all white. It makes me feel safe, looking out the window into the snow. My house is warm and I've just finished cleaning and have nothing to do right now. I'll start getting dinner in a little while, but sometimes it's nice to have time where you don't have to do anything except sit and look out the window.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping at the blog. She you there again and I will be back. Your friend needs to stop dating vets, or making animal noises.
AnnieAngel said…
She isn't my friend and he isn't a vet. :D

Your blogs are cool, I love the pictures from the air.
Anonymous said…
Damn Canuk cold air and snow is fixin' to hit east Tennessee hillbilly heaven.

We'll be OK, but I promise to play Princess a country song when it's all over.


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