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I couldn't decide whether or not to post this letter, I was torn between wanting to show how desperate some people are and not wanting to be judged for my advice.

I prayed on it and came to the conclusion that if reading this can help even one person out there reading my blog who finds herself in a similar situation, then all the persecution will be worth it.

Dear Annie,

I work for a big company in a mid-level position. I used to love my job, I work hard and enjoy what I do, but since my divorce things at work have changed.

You see, my husband didn't make very much money to start with, but he did take care of the children during the day. Now that he has abandoned us, I have to pay for day care and it is very expensive. I am barely making ends meet and I don't have the extra time or money to go back to school to further my career.

But something happened today at work and I am very confused and don't know what to do. The company CEO is a very good-looking and charming man who I know has had an interest in me since I began with the company. He is always polite, always seems genuinely happy to see me and never makes me feel pressured in any way. However, I just don't have an attraction to him at all.

Today I learned there was an opening for a position in upper management that I am not at all qualified for but somehow ended up on the list of candidates. The CEO made sure to drop by my cubicle to tell me that he had pushed for me, and that if I got the position the company would pay for my schooling and that most of it could be done while on the job. But he also asked me if I have been lonely since the divorce, and intimated that he could cure my loneliness. I for the first time actually smiled at him and flirted a bit, all the while watching myself as if it wasn't me doing the flirting.

I need this job. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. However something inside me keeps saying that I should decline it, save my money and take correspondence classes. Something tells me that I need to make my way up the ladder on my merits, not on my looks. That I can do anything!

Please advise me what to do, I'm very confused and want to do what's right.

Pretty AND Smart In Seattle

Dear Pretty and Smart,

Are you stupid? Do you have any idea how hard it is for a woman your age to make it up the stairs, nevermind the ladder? You are in the best position you could ever hope for! So what if you aren't attracted to him, you will learn to love him! And once you are married you won't have to work and can spend your days taking all the classes you want. You can still do all the running of the house and with deep pockets paying the bill you can make that house a showplace!

I suggest a new perfume, something light. Make sure he smells it by bending over his shoulder, (when they can't see you, their other senses are sharper) and if you have long hair, make sure it falls to brush his cheek and for the love of God giggle, laugh and smile! Agree with everything he says and make sure he knows you are a Christian who does not believe in sex before marriage.

Send me a wedding invite!

In His Love,


Even smart AND pretty women can be STOOPID! She just wanted ME to tell her to go for it because she thinks if she does it on her own it will make her less of a person or something because so many PC idiot MEN tell her she needs to do things for herself that she will never be able to do. It's all just propaganda to keep the woman in the typing pool.


Mike1877 said…
I understand seizing the opportunity. But is it right to mess with a persons emotions?

He said the company will pay for the training. And that he was pushing for her. Use it to her advantage but I dont think she needs to mess with him like that. If she has no interest then she has no interest. What is wrong with telling him how she feels? Wouldn't honesty be the best policy here?
Citizen Grim said…
I agree 100% with Mike.

Honesty and integrity goes a lot further than promiscuity, ESPECIALLY in the business world.

What's the point of climbing the ladder if you had to betray yourself to get there? What does a person profit if they gain the whole world and lose their soul in the process?
AnnieAngel said…
What is honesty? She says he is nice and kind but she is not attracted to him. But she only sees him at work so how does she know if she is attracted or not? Lust is not important, if she felt lust for him I would have told her to run the other way!

He also made his intentions clear. If she were to use him and disregard those intentions that would make her a whore, whether or not sex was involved.

She knew that.
AnnieAngel said…
It profits you the whole world. Keep that in mind for your world conquest plans.

"Honesty and integrity goes a lot further than promiscuity, ESPECIALLY in the business world."

That's propaganda I was talking about. I didn't tell her to be promiscuous!
Mike1877 said…
"He also made his intentions clear. If she were to use him and disregard those intentions that would make her a whore, whether or not sex was involved."

To me it sounded like that is what you told her to do. You even went farther to tell her to make sure to use his money to her advantage if she could get that far. And told her that she would "Learn" to love him. My interpretation of your reply to her. If I am wrong correct me.

I guess I am haveing trouble deciphering your intentions.
AnnieAngel said…
Are you saying married women are whores?
Mike1877 said…
Are you saying you should only marry for money. And that love should not have any factor in being Married?
Mike1877 said…
Actually that was the quote that you wrote.
AnnieAngel said…
If she DISREGARDS his intentions she is a whore.

I didn't say she should marry only for money, but it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man isn't it?

Are rich men to be shunned because they are rich?

I also told her NOT to put out until she gets maried. That way she's covered. If things don't work out she is not a slut but a nice girl who has a really good job and a good education. I mean if he isn't a nice guy and only after her body, she'll find out soon enough and then she is justified in not marrying him.

If there's no sex, he won't fire her if things don't work out and they can stil be friends and she still has a job. He'll just tell his friends she's a closet lesbian.
Mike1877 said…
But why create all that drama when all she has to say to him

"I appreciate what you have done. However if you are pushing for me to get this job because of my merit than great, but if you are pushing me to get this job, because you are interested in me, then I dont want it."

AnnieAngel said…
Because she wants it. I thought that was obvious.
AnnieAngel said…
And how well does a powerful man take something like that??

She'd be fired.
Spill The Beans said…
These men don't know the first thing about dealing with men.
AnnieAngel said…
Men don't understand subtlety.

It's not in their nature. Unless they're some kind of Satanistical Wizard.
Arthur Mundane said…
Yeah, don't these guys understand that a woman's only power lies in her sex appeal?
Mike1877 said…
So what your saying is that if a man is Subtle in ANY way whatsoever he is a Wizard of Satan?
Spill The Beans said…
this isn't rocket science guys. Most men are about as subtle as a hand grenade. Take the chef, for instance, God bless his little heart.

To answer the quesstion: yes, a woman's primary power lies in her sexuality. For me, that power is located behind thing 1 and thing 2.

And you and I both know, Mundane, which things I'm talking about.

Men talk to them, do things for them, and are generally nicer to me because of them. They've gotten me out of traffic tickets, into parties, great christmas/valentines day/birthday gifts, discount prices, good tables and excellent service in restaurants, an untold multitude of free drinks, and have made singleness after marriage a whole lot easier for me than it could have been.

I am well aware of how much easier my life is because of thing 1 and thing 2.
Spill The Beans said…
but of course, it's not our only power. that way lies anna nicole smith.

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