Grand Theft Auto-Liberty City

I am a HUGE fan of Vice City. I like to drive around at sunset, listening to the radio and stopping every now and then to kill a bunch of people with my flamethrower. It's a great stress reliever.

I've played San Andreas, I think that's what it's called, and it's pretty cool. But you can't buy it! Or I can't find it anywhere. The lady at Walmart, well ok, she was like 17, lol, said that they yanked it because of some cheat code that somehow magically sent you to a porn site. I said, "how??" and she said, oh, you know, they hacked it. :D

So I bought Liberty City. It's.....ok. Actually, it's a bit less than ok. Am I missing something?? It seems like they made it worse, but I've only played it a bit so far. It's boring.

And the radio suxx0rs.


Shai said…
I've never played Vice City or Liberty City, but killing people with a big old flame thrower does sound like fun!
I'm a big Tomb Raider. :)
I took four years of college as an anthropology major, and guess what I have to show for it? I beat every Tomb Raider. :)
Well, except the new new one. I haven't bought it yet.
I'm thinking of trading in Kingdom Hearts for it. I tried to play that game but it made me motion sick, and it sort of sucked. Goofy and Donald Duck keep getting in my way of doing anything, and it's sort of boring too.
My husband likes to kill zombies, so he's always shooting them in the head in his Resident Evil games.
AnnieAngel said…
I have Maximo, a Crash one, and the two grand theft autos.

I suck at all other video games. Even when I just press all the buttons I can as fast as I can. ;)

I kick ass at the Grand Theft games though. I actually won Vice City, it's the only game I've ever won! And I like that you can keep playing the game after you win it.

They need to make one with a girl for the character. That would be awesome! Grand Theft Shopping :) You can steal the Barbie van. :)
jexter said…
It could be a character that looks like Winona Ryder, and when the salesperson keeps following you around the store saying over and over: "can I help you find something?" you can yell "I told you NO, beeee-ach!!!" and toast her with your flamethrower.
AnnieAngel said…
Hehehehe. So many possiblities. It makes me sad sometimes knowing that some of the wonderful things I think up will only ever happen in my head. :(
jexter said…
You need a staff working for you. You come up with the great ideas, and then your staff figures out how to make it work!

For instance, I now have a staff of very efficient Germans making sure that my new free email account is running like clockwork. ;)
AnnieAngel said…
I don't know if I believe you. :)
jexter said…
Check your e-mail.
AnnieAngel said…
No. You're not the boss of me!
jexter said…
O.K. Check your email, pretty please?
AnnieAngel said…
Maybe. I don't know. I'll think about it.
Shai said…
Is that why they follow you around the store asking if they can help you find something and telling you about all there stupid sales? This lady at the book store did that to my husband and he turned to her fianlly and said, "Can't I just fucking LOOK?" The lady said, "Well, you didn't have to be so rude..."
My husband is on xanax now. :)
AnnieAngel said…
He seems reasonable enough to me.

A few months ago this idiot woman was late on a payment she owed me. I knew she was going to be late, she always is and she always has a real lame excuse and makes me wait for weeks for no reason except she can't do her job.

So she was late again and I had enough and called and told her so. She kept trying to tell me about some excuse about some stupid trade show for some reason, as if I cared, I just wanted the money. She was being all sugary sweet, you know, and kept saying just let me tell you...let me explain...but she was being a fake faker and pissing me off.

Finally I lost it kinda, I said fine, tell me about the trade show, was it fun? Did you get a hotdog?? Tell me all about it waste more of my time!

Then she shut up for a minute before resuming her sweet voice crap, so I started mimicing her and told her if she didn't pay her bill, I wouldn't do business with her and if she said one more word about anything other than when she was going to pay me I was hanging up. She started with, let me explain, and I hung up.

Shoe was looking at me funny and I thought he was going to be mad, but he said it was one of the funniest things he'd ever seen.

Within half an hour her HUSBAND showed up with the money, pissed as hell, refused to talk to Shoe and started telling me I owed his wife an apology and all about how I don't run my business right. I asked where she was, because it was none of his nosy business what I do and she owes me an apology! I offered that he could take his money and more or less shove it but he didn't want to, so, I took his money, counted it (hehehe) and told him to fuck off and have a nice day. :)


I am also the Queen of the Subtle but Stunning Body Check. I hate aisle hoggers.

Fuck xanax!
Shai said…
You're awesome! She should have paid you on time. She should have actually given you the money right away. She sounds like this friend of mine who only calls when she wants money or a babysitter, or someone to cry to when her fucked up crazy boyfriend is being mean to her. I finally told her to call when she didn't need something or don't bother calling at all.
I'll never go shopping with her again either. She boohoos about how she doesn't have money, and how I can buy whatever I want and it must be nice. I told her, "yes it is." She would have money if she didn't spend it all on booze and cigarettes.

I can't believe the guy even told you to apologize to his wife. She obviously had the money. She should have dropped it off instead of looking for excuses not to.
AnnieAngel said…
Oh they have the money, it's a snooty private school. :)

Hehehe. When he wouldn't give the money to Shoe and demanded me, I told Shoe to tell him to come back in half an hour.

Hahaha. :)
Shai said…
LOL! Good for you. ;)
I wonder if you will ever be seeing them again?
AnnieAngel said…
I hope so. :)

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