Sunday Afternoon Bird Blogging

His name is Mr. Cheepers and I'm keeping him.


Mr Cheepers is precious!!!
AnnieAngel said…
And talkative! Hopefully he can fly soon, I tried to give him a worm but he didn't want it.

Or maybe she didn't want it. I can't tell.

It's got the most pissed off looking little face and fluffy old man eyebrows. :)
woodrow said…
If you have a granola bar, try crushing it up and give it to Cheepers. Or Cheepers may be too young, in which case you have to pre-masticate it and regurgitate.
AnnieAngel said…
I chopped up a worm and fed it to him on a straw. He ate it. He's disgusting.

I tried to let him stay outside but he keeps trying to run into the road and I actually saw a sparrow try to attack him.

He can flutter down, but he can't flutter up and he won't stay in the tree.
woodrow said…
you are such a softie.
AnnieAngel said…

He's sleeping now. Should I should wake him up in a while and give him another worm. He's not a babybaby, he's older so I don't know if I'm supposed to, I guess if he doesn't wake up and ask for food he's not hungry.

He has quite a personality so I don't think he'd be shy.
Marcia Brady∞ said…
Annie, he looks like a robin? Please go online to find out what to feed him, or call the local shelter.

I raised a number of starlings from babies. But you have to be certain about their diet, since the wrong food can do it harm. It looks pretty feathered out, so he's probably able to feed himself, but, please, get some expert advice.

Good luck.
AnnieAngel said…
Hey Marcia!

Yeah, he's a Robin. I looked online and they mostly deal with how to feed the younger birds, but they said he's an insect-eater and to give him worms and water, and raisins. I'm sticking to the worms and water, hopefully he isn't here long enough to become tame enough to eat raisins. He's pooping normally.

In the morning I'm going to put him back in the tree, and he's going to fly!!
AnnieAngel said…
WOOHOO!! I got your first profile view, Marcia!!
AnnieAngel said…
Early this morning I fed him another worm, then he wanted more so I went to dig up another, and he flew away.

It makes me sad because he was a good little friend, but at least he has some cool stories to tell the other birds.
woodrow said…

I strongly believe in the Chaos Theory, and Karma. You've done good.
AnnieAngel said…
But wouldn't the chaos theory ignore good and bad and just concentrate on the effect of my actions? I mean, the bird could grow up and fly into a small plane engine and cause it to crash into a school or something.

I could have screwed everything up.
woodrow said…

You're a real bummer sometimes.
AnnieAngel said…
It's your fault, you made me think about it. :)
Shon Richards said…
Wow, you have a new mascot. I need to go rescue a terribly adorable stray for my blog.

Actually, you might want to see if you can contribute him to
AnnieAngel said…
I wish my camera could have picked up the attitude on his face. It would have been a cute meltdown. :)
Aww,...I just popped back to check on Mr Cheepers,...good going lady! You saved him, you're gonna someday be a bird-gramma! Maybe some of the robins you see some fine day are all because of you! You never know,....*HUGE HUGS* you done good!
woodrow said…
(yeah, you don't get all "Miss 'I'm gonna bum you out'" with Tragic (cool font work, BTW).

Camera: Lumix. It's a Leica (but doesn't cost like it is).

If I thought I would get sympathy, I would go off and sulk. Not that you would notice. Besides, I don't care. Poo!
AnnieAngel said…
*picks up Woods and gives him an extra long cuddle, then sits him on the couch with a cookie and a glass of milk and pats him on the head*

HUGE (((hugs))) back at you, Tragic. I kind of hope he'll come back for a visit one day. :)
They say that the birds never forget,...maybe he will :-) & thank you Woodrow! You get a hug too now *HUGS* :-D
woodrow said…
Thank you, Tragic. I appreciate the hug. (you wouldn't mind if I just laid my head on your boosoms for a while, would you?);}
AnnieAngel said…
"The Loooovvvve Bloggg, soon will be making another run....."

I'm your blog director Annie, and I just wanted to let you know I've seated the two of you together at dinner tonight. ;)

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