Living Water

What a great organization! Check them out, special thanks to Woody, who worked with this group in Liberia, for the link. Make sure to look at the Spring 2006 Newsletter for pictures of Woody's Africa adventures!!!

Living Water


Shai said…
Wow, it's so weird to think that so many people are living without something that we take for granted all the time. Thanks for sharing the link. :)
woodrow said…
Saint Annie,

Thanks. I didn't expect this to go past you and I.

I owe you. More than gratitude. More than praise.

You are a dear, special person. I knew I came here for a reason.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm not a Saint! :) You don't owe me anything, Woods, I didn't do anything at all. YOU did.

You ROCK!!! Seriously, you really do.
woodrow said…
The Summer 2005 Pipeline has the story of how we started in Liberia. Being one of the world's Hot Spots, we don't send persons with families there, and you need to be able to "take care of yourself". That's how Gary chose Lloyd and myself. We were a big hit with Sharief-Johnson and Pres. Jimmy Carter when we helped during the elections.
AnnieAngel said…
The page changes each time I load it, do you have a direct link to where the Pipeline stories are? I can't find it.

Tell the Jimmy Carter story!!!
woodrow said…
Click on the tab "About Living Water", then on "News Center".

Or copy and paste this link in your address bar...
woodrow said…
Jimmy Carter asked to go fishing. LWI had just sent us an 18' Avon with twin 85hp engines. With fishing gear. Lots of fishing gear. I am fond of Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize recipiant (regardless of political issues) but Lloyd (a fanatical Repub.) wouldn't have anything to do with him. No one else had a good boat for the rivers, and ours wouldn't take more than 6 safely. Although we could have gone in the shorewaters, it got nixed. I wasn't allowed to take my camera with me.

Rosalyn wasn't there, but the Bush chicks were.
AnnieAngel said…
Did you actually go fishing? I think Lloyd needs a lesson in proper manners!

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