Warm and Sunny

It's a freakingly beautiful day in Annieland. The trees are finally all green. I've got sun and I've got shade, I've got souvlaki or however you spell it for the BBQ, and I've got Corona. I've got two dogs who won't stop chasing each other in laps around the yard, like they know it's the Indy 500 today. The outside furniture is all set up and cleaned, the decks and patios were powerwashed last week and all I really need done now is to get the fence stained.

And maybe shoot the bluejay that won't shut up. It's probably easier to give it a peanut.


Mmm,...your food sounds SO good! We had a super day here too (after the clouds went away) Hope you had fun!
woodrow said…
If you shoot the Bluejay, you only have to do it once.

You give it a peanut, it'll never stop.

"You become responsible for what you have tamed"
Antoine De Saint-Exupery
woodrow said…
BTW, I am not advocating the former, simply putting the later in perspective.
AnnieAngel said…
Groan, people came by yesterday at dinnertime, and then we went out barhopping, and now I think I'm dead.
woodrow said…
May this be your eoitaph:

"VeDi Vechi Vini,
AnnieAngel said…
Or this: Re vera, potas bene!

Ugh, I didn't even feel like I had drank too much last night but I also only had one souvlaki stick to eat and that's all I had all day.

But I didn't puke in front of anyone, so that's a good thing. ;)
BlueJay said…
Seems a tad "un-christian" to shoot the poor jay. Be far better if you give him a few of those peanuts they leave out on bar counters which will tell him how sweetly he sings; you know...........the complimentary ones!
AnnieAngel said…
Salt is deadly to birds, seems a tad evil for you to advise feeding a bird salted peanuts, looser.

And it's illegal to offer peanuts on a bar, as it entices people to drink because the salt makes them thirsty. Same goes for pretzels or any other snack.

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