Some Cobag

Banned me after I made like 5 posts on his HUGE Atriosesque blog today.

I feel special. I didn't even hardly try. I just wandered over there looking for Emus and suddenly, BAM! I was called a whore! And mean! And I was like HEY! Apologize to me! And they were all like NO! We hates you! You needs to go outside, they tells us, outside in the cold, my precious, the cold and the dark and BE ALONE!! Nasssty mean hobbits treating us so, but we are used to it, GOLLUM! Wretched, we is, wretched and stinking, never allowed to sit and talk with the nice folk in their fansssscy clothes using their pretty words. We hates them too, my precious! We hates them forever!@!@!@!@@!!!!

What a BIG PUSSY!!!, we thinks. Then we goes to see our friend, and we are called a skank there. Now we are going to sit under our bridge, and feel wretched.

Or something.


res publica said…
I formally, publically and abjectly abase myself and humbly apologize for the "skank" remark about someone I don't even know beyond having glanced at your blog for precisely .8 seconds. I am a bad person, and you should call me names and throw things at me. No, really. It was just a bad day, and a bad mood, and none of that was your problem.
AnnieAngel said…
Yeah, and you deleted me at your blog! Banned and deleted all in ONE DAY by two seperate FASCISTS!

AnnieAngel said…
Well, it appears that "somehow" my post has been returned to your blog. I therefore forgive you and although I still suspect you're a dick, I'll give you a chance.

Let's be friends!
woodrow said…

Speaking on behalf of your friends (there are many out there, I know. Allow me to continue...) I wish to say that there is only one thing that really matters...

*(we want names! Res publica doesn't count, nor does anna nonimus! I may be the only one who actually uses my name, so give us a LINK!)*

You are handling this well.

Have a nice day!;}
AnnieAngel said…
It was that Americablog place.

It's boring there. Lots of very angry people trying to outdo each other in the ranting and cursing department. I don't understand why people want to wallow in negativity, it's most likely the influence of Satan, though.

But, it keeps them busy and off the streets.
woodrow said…

Back in the "shoemonkey" (whatever) issue, you blogged that you were tired of "conservitisim" and wanted to be a liberal (or something to that effect, or affect[?]).

We are you, and you is us. (people over profits!) [ed: Alan, stfu!]
woodrow said…
BTW. From what footing would res publica conceed they were "abjectly abase"ing themselves from?

If they thought they were lowering themselves, from whince?
AnnieAngel said…
Ummm, no. I'm not a liberal and if I said something like that, I blame alcohol or me trying to be funny or both.

I hate the whole idea of a parasitic government, reliant on those who cannot do for themselves in order to exist. I don't see liberals viewing thier ideals as much other than ideals, because if they ever realize their whole perfect liberal society....then their form of government will become obsolete.

So, yeah.
woodrow said…
"So, Yeah"

You care, PHHFFT!

[ed: Alan, again,STFU!]
woodrow said…
(about People and Causes)
AnnieAngel said…
About people, yes. About causes, not so much, causes have agendas.

But I care about people regardless of any "causes."
woodrow said…
You are kind and good.

My profile tells you where to contact me, if you wish (if?).

you're wonderful, entertaining and encouraging. I'm sorry I missed your mark.

I am wondering, although I have yet to get a photo up, why would someone who is proffering a "mea culpa" post a photo of a pit bull? Cute as it is... WHY? (maybe a bouquet of flowers?)
Shai said…
They are all going to hell. And when we are in heaven we can look down and laugh at them burning in their eternal damnation.
AnnieAngel said…
And laugh we will, sister!

Liberals are very horrible when you get a bunch of them together in one place, like a message board. All Republicans are banned on sight, and the posters are all a bunch of skinny armed men and fat-assed "Jillian" women who like to make everyone listen to them and boss everyone around.

It's like they're all smoking Mexican stress and don't realise it won't get them any higher if they keep smoking, just more stressed.
I won't choose a political label for myself because I don't know what the heck I am. Liberal, conservative - 6 of one 1/2 a dozen of the other I guess but I don't think you're a skank or a whore,..I rather like you! You're non judgemental, openminded & just nice! Poeple should read you a bit to deide whether or not your a jerk - I bet they'd feel dumb after calling you such names!
AnnieAngel said…
I like you too, tragic. :) Even if you are a newfie! :P
OH! HaHa!!! I've got you now! Saint John NB not St John's NFLD! But I'll let it slide - I have ancient relatives in NFLD,,'re such a cutie!
AnnieAngel said…
NB, NFLD, what's the difference?? ;)

Newfies are cute, with the "Hi, by!" stuff. :)
LOL,...good point! Look up Campobello Island,...

"thar be me kin by da thunderin' lard,..."(^_~)
AnnieAngel said…
Lard tundrin Jesus by! Thar be tousands an tousands of fish in tha net, nearly five hunnert, by Jesus!! :)
AnnieAngel said…
Interesting history on your Island, involved in the White Water scandal and everything!! But are pagans allowed to live in the Bay of Fundy? It seems like there should be a law. ;)
Hmmm,...well,...I'm in SJ now & its pretty corrupt so I think its allowed,..LOL!!!!

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