Interesting LInks

My "How To Be A Good Christian Wife" article has exploded. It's linked everywhere. I really am amazed and rather humbled, actually. Thanks!! It even made it onto the Neilson BuzzMetrics Blogpulse, number 39 last Friday! That's unreal to me! Thanks again!

So, out of the sites that link to my article, my two favorites are:

1. campfuckudie It's a livejournal, and that's all I know for sure. It's a very strange place. There's over 1000 comments, I didn't read them all because after a while my brain started to get all weird and it refused to read anymore. It's totally insane. I don't understand it, there must be a rational explanation for the way they are acting....but I don't know what it is. I guess you have to be "cool" or something to understand.

I'd copy something for a teaser....but that would just ruin the effect. The avatars are teh cool and I think they have something to do with whatever they're doing over there. So yeah, go there and take a journey into a unique brand of insanity!

2. Clock Crew BBS The comments about my article aren't what made me love this site. I love it because I don't understand what the site is about and it seems to be a big involved thing that everyone there totally understands. However, I did learn:

CLOCKS RULE THE PORTAL!!! W!00P"! @ U!# BEEEBBOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's full of orcs there too!! Clorcs, I guess. :) LOL!

So if you're bored, I mean really bored, check these sites out.




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