Caledonia Update

So yesterday some rednecks went to a Native barricade (not the main one, one on a bridge) to, ummm, get in a fight? So they took a video camera, yelled and screamed and tried to take down the barrier, at which point the Natives (who have women and children behind the barricade) protected themselves from these aggressive men by throwing pieces of the barricade at them until they left.

The men who took the tape appear JUBILANT and seem to think this proves the Natives are terrorists or something.

I'm like HUH??? All over the news they are acting as if this incident put the lives of the residents of Caledonia in danger...but like, why did they go there and try to take down a barricade?

Hmmmm? Unreal. No cops to be seen either. From the tape I saw on the news, and the footage of the "anonymous" redneck talking about how "something needs to be done" (yes the guy who took the tape is saying it's proof something needs to be done) before it gets out of control.

The only ones out of control are the rednecks. And yes I mean racists. Sorry to any true farmers out there.


Shai said…
That's awful! Why don't they just leave the natives alone?
Shon Richards said…
I think the video camera was the greatest invention ever done for weeding out the stupid. I love how they recorded their own racism and made their opponents arguement for them.
My God! Thats so insane! My best gal pal is a Native,..I love her! I am soo damn mad at those redneck tools who think they're "all that" Those Native ladies should have shot the bastards! At least the racist dicks have shown their colours in a national forum. Thank the Gods that!
AnnieAngel said…
The whole town is going insane. I can't believe the reactions people are having, it's like "send in the army", "natives=terrorists", "someone is going to take matters into their own hands" and all this crap.

And the news is just as bad, it's like HELLO they totally made the tape purposefully, but the news doesn't seem to clue into the fact that the rednecks went TO THE BARRICADE and starting ripping it down.

The Natives have a right to protest. Period. The rednecks don't think they do, then they should lose their own right to protest.

They got violent when they started ripping down the barricde and they should be arrested. What happened after was a provoked defense, and it wasn't even that bad since the rednecks ran away with their tape as soon as they got the reaction.

I'd like to see the whole tape, the beginning wasn't shown. And I thought provoking HATE was illegal in Canada?


I'll never spend a penny in Caledonia again. 'Cept on the reserve.

It's like no one is doing anything to move this forward, to resove it. It's nuts.
Sunshine said…
As another resident of Caledonia, I stand alongside you in the condemnation of this video. It is truly disturbing to hear the number of racist comments coming from my fellow citizens.
localyokel said…
"Why don't they just leave the natives alone?)

It would be easy to leave them alone except they are sitting in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and have blocked the two main routes through town.

"I'll never spend a penny in Caledonia again."

Does anyone who live there spend that much there anyway....where do you buy your clothes, where do you buy your car, where do you buy your groceries. Since you don't want to be associated with such terrible rednecks, I imagine that you will move away. I hope your house is not in thistlmoor, it might be hard to explain the camouflage guy on the ATV driving around on top of his native burial ground.

"those native ladies should have shot the bastards"

There weren't any women or children there for the men to protect...another untruth spoken by Janie jamieson (one of many).

Rascist comments....they seem to be flying all over the place from both sides.

However, do you actually believe that if this was a bunch of white guys blocking two major routes and a railway line throuh a town, burnt a heap of tires and ruined a train track that the OPP and the military wouldn't have them scraped off the road in a heartbeat.

Should the claims be settled..of course. However,the confederacy make decision based on consensus. It has taken over one week for them to decide if the barricade should come down on Argyle Street and still no consensus. It is difficult when you have to contact 10,000 people to make every decision. Regardless of what the newspapers say, that barricade has not changed one iota since it starte. ( Excuse me, they pushed it back so people could get into the local fitness centre.)

Peterson is tired and he hasn't even been on the job three weeks. It is apparent that it's not just the governments fault that negotiations take so long.

I feel sorry for my native friends who work, eat, sleep and play just like the rest of us Caledonians and don't have much use for the "professional provacateurs" hunkered down in our once sleepy little town.
AnnieAngel said…

Any condemnation for the fight the "residents" started? After the barricade was down??

You all just want a fight. You've got it, you've made your bed and now no one will ever want to sleep over at your house again.

Because of the "residents" Caledonia is getting a bad reputation and who the Hell would buy a house there?
localyokel said…
You are darned right. What a bunch of idiots. The barricade was just about down and they couldn't control themselves.

The sad thing is that when I see this stuff on TV, I recognize about 5 people and the ones I recognize are the "gawkers". My kids and neighbours don't recognize them either....where are they coming from? Who are these you know them?

How about answering my question about where you spend your money? Perhaps if you had a personal relationship with those people who owned stores, you wouldn't be so willing to rush off and spend your money elsewhere. The Canadian Tire guy has had his parking lot hijacked since the day this started.

Why do you naturally assume that all of the store owners are racists? Can you not pick and chose on their own merits who you wish to business with? You seem all to eager to paint everyone with the same broad brush.

So let's clarify this:

All natives are good, therefore, I will shop there.

All Caledonians are bad, therefore, I will not shop there.

That was easy! With your keen insight, I will be sure to contact you when I have difficult decisions to make.
AnnieAngel said…

Fuck you, who do you think you are? You don't like my blog?? No one is forcing you to post here. I won't spend ONE DIME in Caledonia EVER again. Not because I think everyone is racist, but because a fuck of a lot of people there displayed so disgustingly the most racist bullshit behavior I have EVER SEEN.

So as far as I'm concerned, the whole town can fuck itself.

The only person who has risen in my estimation is Boyko and he isn't from Caledonia.
localyokel said…
My goodness me....such language.

I think I will save you as a favourite on my computer. I will check back every so often to see if you have learned any other swear words than the "f" word.

It will be hard for me to stay away as the content is so mature and interesting.
AnnieAngel said…
You do that, baby. I'm sure I care.

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