Port Colborne

I have to go there today. *shudder*

*shudders again, just thinking about it*

People actually live there. They buy houses there. People are born, get married and raise children there.

It boggles the mind.


Shai said…
I hope you made it back ok...:/
AnnieAngel said…
I did, thank-you! I rushed and everything thinking Lost was on at 7, but they trixx0red me! It's on at 9!

I'm addicted to Lost. Michael is teh hot, but he's also being very evil. I used to think Sawyer was sexy till he took off his shirt...yuck!
Shai said…
My sister likes the fat guy. She thinks he is so sweet. I don't watch the show. I probably should. Everyone is talking about it.
I'm addicted to Stargate and Battler Star Galactica. Lots of hot guys on Sci Fi Friday. ;)
AnnieAngel said…
I'm pissed that I had figured the magnetic stuff out already, but I'm hoping there'll be a new twist to it.

I'm mad they killed off the sexy evil highlander guy. :( I was hoping he'd be back in the show, I know he's old but he's HUGE.

Gotta love the HUGE ones.

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