I've Cleaned Up

As you may notice. I've copied your advice, Jex. It's some damned good advice.

Thanks, everyone.


Osbasso said…
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Osbasso said…
Glad to be of help. Good advice from Jex, too! Hope you're feeling better todaY!
AnnieAngel said…
I'm feeling much better. I've been re-arranging the furniture. :)
jexter said…
Very nice! I like what you've done with the place. And i'm glad you're feeling better.

This is good! What's done is done. Let's look forward, move on, and put all that behind us.

["Get thee behind me, thieving asshole mamma's boy piece O' shit cobag loooooser!"]

Sorry, that just slipped out. Looking forward starting...NOW!
AnnieAngel said…
Full speed ahead and all whiners belowdecks!
woodrow said…
obviously, as indicated by th elipsies, jex didn't say that outloud
woodrow said…

you are sweet. I came for the humor, and stayed for personality.

And, , I hurt with you.

I wish I knew how to put a photo on blogger so I wouldn't be a blank. It seems I'm

Oh,boy! This is heavily readicated.
woodrow said…
I can't delete that. what do i do? except go away and hide
AnnieAngel said…

That was cute, Woods. :)
woodrow said…

I didn't know you would be up so late!

As I said yesterday, a lot of persons would visit you, when you are down.

I still want to put up a photo, so I'm not a blank to you. Gotta figure out how.

I miss all the comments you deleted. It was inspiring to see how disassociated persons (like myself) rallied to the purpose.

Humanity! at it's best.
AnnieAngel said…
It was quite inspiring, I was amazed. But I was quite a mess yesterday, I was going to leave it up but I couldn't. I'll never forget how wonderful you all are, that's what really matters to me.

To upload a photo you have to have it on the net somewhere, then upload it in your bloggerpage
jexter said…
Hey Woods,

The blogger "help" files may point you in the right direction: http://help.blogger.com/
Different operating systems, programs available on your computer, etc. may make it either more or less straightforward. Keep trying.

And Annie? Great gams. [Have I said that before?]
Yosef said…
Glad to see you're feeling better Annie!
AnnieAngel said…
I'm feeling so much better that I can't believe it. It's like, I'm sad, but at the same time, I'm pissed and believe it or not you all have made me feel like maybe I'm not the biggest looser in the world and maybe I should take charge!

I've got a appraiser coming at 4 today. I had the appointment before, but now I'm thinking...take the money and run! Invest in cabana boys with hard tanned young bodies!!! Dance on the bar at Coco-Bongo!! I'm like WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

If I sell now on the open market, who cares if someone wants to develop the land and wants to jerk me around?? I'll make it HISTORICAL next week and they're screwed! :D

It's like a light went on. If I sell, I'll have enough cash to buy a smaller house outright and to start a nice little t-shirt shoppe in Cancun while living in comparative luxury and sneaking into fancy resorts to use their beach chairs.

It's genius.

Hasta las vacas siempre!!!
woodrow said…
I'm glad to see you are in good spirits today, Annie.

You have the right attitude. And you are obviously not a "looser" since you have been able to polarize so many people to you.

Good for you.
jexter said…
Now you're talking. Take the money and run!
AnnieAngel said…
The appraisers just left. I guess it's a good sign if they keep saying your house is "beautiful?"
Timmah420 said…
Been awhile since I've had time to stop by, glad you're over the rough patch.

Make sure you don't forget all us little people as you usher all those young tanned boys into manhood...
AnnieAngel said…
"Make sure you don't forget all us little people as you usher all those young tanned boys into manhood... "

:) Hehehe. Good one, Timmah, that made me laugh. :D Now every time I see a cabana boy, I'm going to think of you. :)

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