It's a beautiful sunny day! But it's cold. Not warm at all. It looks like it should be warm and nice out but it's not.

Last night the Mayor of Caledonia, Marie Trainer, said the protesting Natives were just waiting for their monthly cheques. No shit. She actually said it. The council went nuts and barred her from speaking on their behalf AND they all went down to the barricade in their suits and apologized and shook hands with the protestors.

Is she an idiot? The night before 500 townspeople stormed the police barricade demanding the protestors open the road. And then she says something like that?

At least she'll be getting those 500 votes. Stupid twit in her stupid Mayor necklace.

As for the townspeople SHAME ON YOU YOU RACIST FUCKTARDS! Screaming on tv! Acting like disgusting spit-shouting fools. Children too!!! The Natives aren't acting like that! No decent human acts like that!!! Women losing their minds screaming, like any of those bitches ever takes highway 6 South (except to buy gas and smokes on the reserve, lol). Hamilton and Walmart is NORTH you fucking shrill cunt!

I HATE those people. They are just looking for a reason to hate, and there are 500 of them at least!!!

THEY should have been arrested. Do they get all pissed over the FARMERS who block the roads with tractors to protest?? NOPE. Racist fucks.

But it's sunny outside.


Jexter made a wonderful comment (look inside to this post to read the whole thing): You don't apologize for being a racist, you repent.

So Marie:



jexter said…


That not the way it's written in the good ol' U.S. of America, hoser!

You're not one of them illegal aliens, taking broccoli plucking jobs from God fearing Americans, are you?
Some of them folks hate America so much they will walk all the way from Tiera del Fuego just to pluck broccoli and fuck up our booming economy.


Have I mentioned your perfect pins lately? Gavin could work out 24/7/365 and never come close. Just heavenly.

Forget what I said about you being a hoser. I don't know what came over me...
AnnieAngel said…
"Cheque" is what was written in the article about what she said.

What she actualy said was that the "local" people were hurting economically by the protest and they didn't have a "cheque" coming in each month. It's a racist welfare slam.

It's disgusting and she should resign.

And not only that, but a local paper printed a picture of some kids in a pirate play, with bandanas on their heads and stuff, and in the blurb under it said, "They're not Native protestors from Caledonia, they're grade 7 and 8 students, blah blah blah."

Unreal, this whole thing is really unreal.
AnnieAngel said…
"Local" meaning non-native.
jexter said…
I love this:

"And controversial remarks from Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer, who said in an interview that residents have been hurt economically by the protest and "don't have money coming in automatically every month," only exacerbated tensions.

"How do my people have money coming in automatically? How? Answer that. Answer it," Six Nations spokesman Clyde Powless demanded as he confronted a stunned-looking Trainer, her chain of office around her neck.

"I'm deeply saddened by comments I've heard you made about my people waiting for a monthly cheque," he said, angrily jabbing his finger in Trainer's face.

"I'm shocked at you and I will never want to address you again." [bee-otch!!!]

AnnieAngel said…
It's disgusting. And people were just on the news saying that she has apologized enough.

I saw the exchange you quoted on the news.

She should resign.
jexter said…
You don't apologize for being a racist, you repent. God help her.

She's probably got ugly legs, too.
AnnieAngel said…
AMEN! You said that BEAUTIFULLY!

Considering she made everyone pray before council meetings, she needs to do some deep soul searching.

And she needs to resign.

REPENT AND RESIGN! There should be signs. :)
AnnieAngel said…

You can go fuck yourself. :) You really think I care what YOU think?

Go beat your wife some more.

Looser. This is a serious topic and I'm sick of trolls.

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