I found a fucking site that stole How To Be A Good Christian Wife!! No credit, no link, nothing!! They put it up like they wrote it!!

This fucking piece of shit is stealing my work!!

Is the New York Law firm out there????

I'm not going to link to the asshole because they are fucking lower than dirt. Asshole doesn't even fucking speak english!!!! Holy shit!!!!

I'm pissed!


Pinko Punko said…
I will help you hunt them down and kill them.

But I defy you to see a REAL HNT.

melior said…
Way to show off that loving other Christians as yourself thing!

Both you and him.
AnnieAngel said…
Hey Melio, go fuck yourself.

Have a Happy Easter!
AnnieAngel said…
Cool HNT, Pinko. A bit racy, but dignified, very nice. :)
Pinko Punko said…
I like to work the edge between good and bad- it's kind of a motif in our art. I wouldn't let people abuse you at Three B, and you can talk all the lake of fire you want, it makes life more spicy!
AnnieAngel said…
You need to buy me a corndog, interloper! Don't be such a cobag if you want to be my friend.
xidiotxkatix said…
Hi... I found the article on myspace.. I dont know that it is by you.. Sorry i erase it..
AnnieAngel said…
You don't have to erase it, just put a link to the original on the post on your blog.

Can you show me where you found it?

Thanks, Kati.
Yosef said…
annie, I know some people at the NY Law Firm, the Acme Law Firm, and the SC Law Firm.

Oh, and sorry about the "nazi" comment at S,N!. I was just trying to definitively kill the thread.
AnnieAngel said…
I killed the thread fine myself, yoself.

Apology accepted.
xidiotxkatix said…
it was in my bullets on ... i havent link now. :(
elendil said…
Annie, I followed across from 'Sadly, No'. I had no idea.

I don't think any blog experience I've ever had compares to reading "asshole ... fucking lower than dirt ... Holy Shit!!!" while little pink roses go *pop* *pop* and flutter gently down my screen. And the Jesus stuff! Warhol himself could not have done better. You, Annie, are my hero.
Annie...that was what I was alerting you to when I left you my comment the other day.

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