Scientology Is The Stupidest "Religion" Ever

'Nuff said.

I mean, really. Wiccanism comes close and so does Baha'i but Scientology has Tom Cruise and that's hard to top.


Shai said…
I don't really get it. They founder of the religion wrote science fiction and then people believed it and started worshipping him. They're all a bunch of pyschos. Tom Cruise is a wacko...but I did like The Last Samurai, and Legend.
AnnieAngel said…
And he is kind of hot, in a freaky toothy way. But a total loon.

Hubbard was a total loon too. Shoe was telling me Hubbard lived on a boat for years because they were out to get him.
AnnieAngel said…
And Katie is a loon for incubating Tom's mutant thetan spawn.

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