Liberals Can't Debate

It's true! Liberals do not know how to debate. They don't know how to see more than their own side of anything and they like it that way.

They want to sit around on their big fat asses and do nothing other plop out verbal diarrhea onto the the pile on which the other liberals have already spit the same shit.

They have no clue what the real world is like because they don't live in it. They live in little make believe worlds where they think they are actually discussing things....they think they are making a difference....well, they're wrong.

You can't make a difference if you are working only for your "side". You can't make a difference by trying to become what you hate, you only become known for what you hate.

Liberals hate Bush. That's all I hear. Oh and they hate 50 percent of the American population. They sure love to hate....I guess it's easier to hate things others are doing and to get all frothy and spewy over it than to actually do something yourself.

Right, big mouths? Of course, I'm right.

You are all a bunch of do nothing mouth shitters.


Anonymous said…
You shouldn't say bad words. It's not very Jesus-friendly. Shame on your for your hypocrisy, Annie. I suspect that your personal road to Hell is paved with filthy words - the ones that have come out of your filthy mouth. How embarrassing for all Christians that you speak out with such vulgarity. Hopefully someone will pray for you. I won't.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm not going to Hell, I'm saved!

I'll pray for you, anonymous. I'll pray for all the little anonymous troll posters out there, the lonely, the outcast, the hated.

Jesus holds a special place in His flock for people like you. But He also holds for you a place in Hell, all mockers of His followers are cast into the pit.

So wise up, sinner, REPENT!
Satan said…
Her soul is mine. I can guarantee you of that anonymous. You're all going to be mine. All americans will. Fact.

Say my words thrice daily and ALL that you desire will be rewarded unto you.

The charlatan Nazarene cannot give you this.

Timmah420 said…
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AnnieAngel said…
Comment Deleted
This post has been removed by the author.

11:53 AM

Timmah420 said…

Actually Annie dearest, If you want the real story, I had written a comment and deleted it to repost it through a different proxy because the one I\'m using keeps putting slashes in my comments for some reason.

I would have reposted right away, but I got sidetracked when I clicked on your \"Being a good Christian Wife\" link, until reading all the comments, I thought you were playing some elaborate joke, and didn\'t want to fall for it. You really are serious though aren\'t you... Wow.

At any rate, the gist of my original comment was that nothing on your page can be even remotely associated with Jesus and his teachings. Just because you consider yourself \"saved\" doesen\'t mean that inherently anything you do isn\'t vulgar or evil.

You and the religious right use Jesus\'s name and the christian religion as a cudgel, to knock others into submission and cow them into accepting evil ideas.

As far as liberals being unable to debate, maybe you should revisit that Christian wife post that has me at such a loss for words. It seems like you certainly got your ass handed to you in that debate pretty liberally.

Seriously, Don\'t sit at the breakfast table with your husband because the sound of your chair scraping on the floor might distract him as you fritter about fetching things for him? That shit is appalling.

I suggest you all read it for yoursleves, again I\'m using a weird proxy and can\'t post the proper link, just go to front page and click on \"How to be a good christian wife\" on the right under view profile.

Lastly, we can see if we follow that link that the only one unable to debate here is Annie, as she consistantly misrepresents her opponent\'s positions and words, she continually falls back on nonsensical, holier than thou responses and she ignores the most insightful questions posed to her.
AnnieAngel said…
Who are you talking to, Mr. Proxyman? You seem to think you have an audience.

My Good Christian Wife article was trolled by non-Christian idiots from a site which put up the link to Blogging Points and told their posters to more or less go and flame us.

If you see that as debate you are misguided. And if you think I got my ass handed to me, you can't read, looser. They all ran away crying.

But thanks for sharing! :)
Timmah420 said…
You\'re right, it wasn\'t a proper debate because you ignored the most pertenent questions and resorted to childish insults and threats of fire and brimstone.

If you think liberals can\'t debate, why don\'t you try me? What about my contention that you\'re simply using the religion to excuse what would otherwise be an unexcusable point of view in this day and age.

Jesus looked upon women as equals, not as some extension of his arm or as a free slave. You would do well to actually read the bible you love so dearly with an interpretive eye, instead of assuming you know better than everyone else.

If you love Jesus so much, stop misrepresenting his ideals.
AnnieAngel said…
Who said men and women aren't equal?

Timmah420 said…
Only whores initiate sex?

Don\'t engage your husband in conversation?

Please, your \"tips\" were more chauvanistic than ones I\'ve seen employed by Islamic fundamentalists.

I could pull that entire post apart on how every step implies that women aren\'t equal. You don\'t have to say something explicitly for the meaning to get across. In fact, the religious right relies on that.

\"Oh we pontificate about genocide and holy wars, we don\'t mean it literally though... Wink, wink.\"
Anonymous said…
Only whores initiate sex?

Don\'t engage your husband in conversation?

Please, your \"tips\" were more chauvanistic than ones I\'ve seen employed by Islam
AnnieAngel said…
You could pull my post apart using your biased predjudices against Christians and women, sure you could.

But that's not debate. Don't you have an abortion protest/rally to go demand restrictions/rights for women at?

Fucking men.
Anonymous said…
I hardly think most christians or women or christian women would agree with your assertions of their whoriness for using frozen orange juice and wanting to have and enjoy sex. You don%2
Timmah420 said…
I hardly think most christians or women or christian women would agree with your assertions of their whoriness for using frozen orange juice and wanting to have and enjoy sex. You don\'t speak for anyone but yourself, so stop hiding behind the \"Christian\" and \"Woman\" labels. I suspect they are just that anyway, as christians are supposed to be compassionate and understanding and non-judgemental and I see none of that in you.

My only opinion on abortion (not that that has anything to do with the topic at hand) is that women should not be restricted from making any choice, be it abortion or adoption, and last I checked, it wasn\'t the liberals trying to take the abortion option off the table.

Now who\'s trying to do that again? Oh right, Christian fundamentalists.

Not that I understand your point anyway, it\'s as if you hate everyone on either side of the debate. Does your husband know that you talk about men that way? Keep it up and he won\'t initiate sex with you anymore and you\'d have to be some sort of harlot to try and get some for your own selfish pleasure, right?

Edit: The anonymous comments must be that bloody friggin proxy again, I\'ll get this fixed somehow.
AnnieAngel said…
Could you either fix the proxy problem or fuck off?

It's tiresome. Like you.
Timmah420 said…
Why dont you try responding to some of the points I brought up instead of proving yourself to be as ignorant as your writing hints at?
AnnieAngel said…
You end almost every sentence with a preposition. Your writing is way more ignorant-like than mine.
Anonymous said…
annie, dear, I don't want to get involved otherwise, but the rule about not ending a sentence with a preposition is a holdover from Latin grammar that has been demonstrated not to apply to English (along the same lines of the 'rule' that you can't start a sentence with a conjunction like however or because.)

You have my permission to end sentences with prepostions whenever.
AnnieAngel said…

You're an idiot. I really need to change my blog to stop accepting anonymous posts.
Timmah420 said…
No, Annie, I\'m afraid you are experiencing the psychological phenomena we call \"projection\".

I\'m very much done here, but I will be doing something on my blog about that \"Good christian wife\" article soon. That should be fun.

Hope your husband doesen\'t find out you\'ve been having thoughts behind his back...
AnnieAngel said…
Bye! No one cares about your lame blog! Have fun!
AnnieAngel said…
You do that, assparrot.
Rob said…
Hi Annie

I can see that you're probably frustrated, but I would like to suggest that the liberal/conservative gulf is damaging democratic nations right now, and that comments like that don't really help. I've encountered conservatives who are equally close minded and unable to argue without either taking things personally or losing track of what's really being said.

I think that maybe what's bugging you is something that bugs a lot of people: rudeness, inability to focus on the root issues and narrow mindedness. Somehow narrow mindedness on both sides of the political fence seems to have been taken for integrity.

Anyway, God bless you and have a great day.

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