Nuke India!!

"It was then she turned for guidance to a tantric, or holy man. It was under his instruction that she brutally sacrificed the boy - offering his blood and remains to the Hindu goddess of destruction.

There are temples across India that are devoted to the goddess. Childless couples, the impoverished and sick visit to pray that she can cure them.

Animal sacrifice is central to worship - but humans have not been temple victims since ancient times.

We were met with a hostile reception at the temple in Meerut. The high priest did not want us to see the ritual slaughter.

Tantrics like him clearly have an overwhelming grip on their followers. Often they are profiting from people's fears. In extreme cases others have instructed their followers to kill.

Crackdown campaign

S Raju is a journalist for the Hindustan Times and has been reporting on child sacrifice cases since 1997 in western Uttar Pradesh. He has reported on 38 similar cases.

In one incident he says a tantric told a young man that if he hanged and killed a small boy and lit a fire at his feet the smoke from the ritual could be used to lure the pretty village girl he had his eye on.

He has been campaigning for a crackdown on the practice of tantrics, alarmed at what he has seen.

"The masses need to be educated and dissuaded from following these men," he said. "They play on people's fears and superstitions - it is crazy."


We visited the jail where those accused of murdering Akash were being held.

The prison warden told us of over 200 cases of child sacrifice in these parts over the last seven years.

He admitted many of the cases go unreported because the police are reluctant to tarnish the image of their state. He told us incidents of child sacrifice are often covered up."

Nuke the bastards! I'm so sick right now, MY GOD! This is just sick. Peaceful religion my ass, racist, classist, kid killing monsters.

*thanks to nate at revleft for posting this information


Satan said…
Nuke them? Not a very Christian thing to say now, is it?

Why you put your soul in trust to that feckless, effete and charlatan Nazarene is beyond me.

Say my words thrice daily and I can give you ALL that you desire.

AnnieAngel said…
Wow. You're so cool. Don't you have a Hindu priest to control?

Run along now, back to work, be a good little Satan.

Shai said…
It's so hard to believe they won't kill a cow for food but will kill a child for a six armed goddess that doesn't even exist! Sickos.
I agree with Annie. If they want Nukes in India we should give them some. A big giant whole where that dirty country is would be an improvement.
Timmah420 said…
Yeah, nuclear genocide is the answer to all the world\'s ills.

Pretty pathetic eliminationist rhetoric you got here annie, you guys aren\'t even really angry racists.

If you tone it up a bit you might be able to frighten some people, or acquire a small but dedicated following of supremecist assholes, that\'s easier than actually understanding the issue at hand anyway.

NUKE EM!!!!!1 LOL!
AnnieAngel said…
Like I really care what a fascist like you thinks! You seem proud to be a fascist, if you try harder to sound like an angstful teen you may aquire a girlfriend with extreme confidence issues and finally score.

Good luck on that!
Timmah420 said…
Excuse me, but do you even know what fascist means?

Methinks you do not, otherwise you wouldn\'t be confusing what I say for it.

At any rate, I see you\'re back to your old tricks of resorting to personal attacks on matters of which you know nothing at all about. At least base your attacks on things you know and read instead of things you imagine. I\'m not assuming any more about you than what you write, and what you write is ignorant and dangerous. If anything your hatred directed at a particular religious group is certainly more reminiscent of the fascism you accuse others of.
AnnieAngel said…

Anonymous said…
Uh, annie? "looser" than what?
AnnieAngel said…
Ummm, yo mama?
Timmah420 said…
Yeah, that\'s pretty christian.

I almost felt like trying again to engage you in logical debate, but I realized that I should just sit back and watch the show, every time you comment on something you dig yourself a new hole.

You make an entire post about how liberals can\'t debate and this is how you respond when someone challenges you?
AnnieAngel said…
Who challenged me to a debate?

You?? LOL! You're here to flame.
Timmah420 said…
Yeah, I can see how you\'d be confused when in the last post I said something along the lines of \"If you don\'t think liberals can debate why don\'t you try me\", that\'s pretty ambiguous.

Here, let me do your next comment for you:

annieangel said...
God, you suck. Yo momma.
[glaring lack of any comment relating to the subject at hand]
Fuck off! LOL! NUKE INDIA!
AnnieAngel said…
You've just proven my point.

Thanks for playing!
Shai said…
Timmah supports the sacrafice of children?!?!? What a psycho! I really should expect such immoral behavior from a liberal fascist.
AnnieAngel said…
And you should hear the way he talks about women! He's over on calling me "the woman."

Fucking fascist child sacrifice supporting sexist freak!
Shai said…
Yuck! I went to that sad, liberal fascist site and now I think I am going to be sick. Excuse me while I go clean up in a steaming hot shower!
Timmah420 said…
Shai - Yes, I support the murder of children.

Also, I'm objectivly pro terrorist.

Holy shit, do you really process thoughts that way?
AnnieAngel said…
I'd be careful, Timmah. She's a big giant worm and she WILL eat you alive. I've seen her do it. It's not a pretty sight.
Shai said…
No, I can't eat him. He's poison to my soul.
Homeland security is watching him and they will chew him up and spit him out like the commie pinko he is.

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