Longest Thread in Sadly, No! History

Annie's Thread at Sadly, No!

Marie Jon? Who the hell is that? Not that it matters, I have the longest thread in Sadly, No! history.

All because people can't stay away from my charming, witty, bubbly, vivacious, sparkling, all-encompassing personality. If I could teach it, I would. But only to other women. Like Marie Jon.

Now one of you cobags get me a corn dog. Actually, corn dogs are disgusting. Get me some tacos. And a strawberry tamale.




Yosef said…
Actually, Annie, the clubhouse is still longer than that thread.
AnnieAngel said…
What clubhouse?


Yosef said…
I'll have to check with the members to get a ruling on that before linkies will be provided.
AnnieAngel said…
Pinko just called me a genius!
Yosef said…
PP gives out a lot of compliments. He's nice that way.

And he's probably right.

Have you ever read any articles by Stanton Carlisle?
Pinko Punko said…
I think Ukko already knows the clubhouse link, Yo yo.
Pinko Punko said…
syödä it, cobags!
AnnieAngel said…
Who is Ukko?
Pinko Punko said…
I am so crushing on you right now. Giving secret shout outs to a) the long thread b) Ukko c) Jeff Goldstein.

There are goddamned STARS in my EYES.

We still got a 60 or so lead on ya, we still know how to 'bag.
AnnieAngel said…
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Pinko Punko said…
Love....exciting and new...come aboard, we're expecting you!!!!!!!!

I have a blog crush on annieangel, who legitimately holds sway over the second longest Sadly, No! thread. She is the queen of the second longest thread and I am the king of the longest thread adn together we shall rule the interwebs!
Yosef said…
The Loooove Blog!

PP, I think Gregor might be the ruler of the longest thread, after the MJ stories.
Great, Annie and Pinko ruling the blogosphere. I am going to shelterosphere if that happens.

AnnieAngel said…
Adorable Girlfriend (which prolly means "fat"), don't you have a pinko penis to be going down on? I hear you like to massage bacon grease into it first, so the taste reminds you of yo daddy.

Idiots. SHEESH! What the fuck do you tools want?
Pinko Punko said…
I want the coded messages of love and affection the keep coming. Pork Snorkel for Cookie Jesus!

"Thou shalt snorkeleth the porketh, the porketh that that shall snorkeleth shall be in His honor."

John 3:16

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