Tucker Carlson Is A JERK

Annie likes Chuckles. Annie thinks Tucker Carlson can kiss her ass. Annie thinks Tucker Carlson should go fuck himself. Annie wishes Tucker Carlson gets crabs.

Big ones, from Brazil. Big Brazillian crabs, and maybe a parasite or two.

Annie wishes that Chuckles' boss was not such a fucknut. Annie wishes Chuckles' boss had balls.

Annie would QUIT if she worked at the same place. Annie would BOYCOTT with big signs out front of wherever that place is.

Tucker Carlson, you don't scare me. You are a big fat idiot with a STOOPID bowtie and you look like a third rate Opie. Fuck yourself in your asshole.

You should be ASHAMED of yourself for what you did.

You dickless wonder.


AnnieAngel said…
Tuckbag, great one, MR.
MR is in the house!! Annie, AG super hearts MR and hopes you will too one day.

Thanks for outting the Chuckwagon post. While we may never know it's truth -- we certainly have to wonder what is going on in the DC environs. Let's hope T-bag and Chuckwagon can hash this out over pizza at Chuck E. Cheeses.
madamerouge said…

credit for coining "Tuckbag" goes to AG
AnnieAngel said…

AG is very good at word coinage, Annie thinks.

Annie super hearts everyone, except for Gavin stupidhead.
Chuckles said…
Yeah, Tuckbag is indeed a jerk.

I could have been fired for any reason, but when I asked why, they said they had been threatened with legal action.
Can you get that in writing, Chuckles? That will help our case on the Daily Show and CSI!

Tuckbag, Tuckbag, Tuckbag!!

We are starting a ban on all bow ties.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm sorry this has happened to you, Chuckles. I'll totally pitch in for airfare if you go on the Daily Show.

Shoe thinks you should call Oberman.
AnnieAngel said…
And I think you should write a press release.

Send it everywhere.

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