Jesus Died 4 Thorndale...

...Because no one else gave a fuck. Seriously. I'm sure if you're stuck there after dark this is where they take you to feed you to the vampires. Scary ass town.


Shai said…
Wow, creepy. Why is there no signs on the buildings or anything? It looks sort of like that town in Children of the Corn.
There's way worse. You haven't been to Northeastern PA or the rural parts of South Carolina. It gets a whole lot worse!
AnnieAngel said…
I've been to those places. Dead working towns are scary, but in a human way. Thorndale is FULL of vampires. I'm sure of it.

It's scary in a vampire way.
Shai said…
I've lived in back woods Virginia, and the Navajo reervation. Some of those places are really scary.
I have driven through South Carolina. Creepy! People sitting on their trailer roofs eating watermelon watching cars go's bad.
AnnieAngel said…
As long as they're eating watermelon, you know they aren't vampires. :)
I remember a gas station in North Carolina that scared AG once.

Annie, you see these things up North? UC always rips on the fly over provinces of MB and SK.
AnnieAngel said…
I've never been to MB or SK. There aren't as many scary places in Canada that I have seen, they have laws designed to make people live like folk. ;) No trailers, etc.

Although it can be very scary to try to find a decent place to shop. Giant Tiger is like the Macy's of Canada. :)

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