I Love The Internets

LOL, Beautiful. :)


Shai said…
I actually have this song on cd...it's so much better done by Blue Travelers and Dave Matthews, don't you think?
AnnieAngel said…
I hate Dave Matthews. I used to like that Crash song, but the rest of his stuff is whiny.

The band singing it here is called The Gourds.

I love how the video fits so perfectly with the song.

Snoop is a cutiepie.
neon said…
haha. That is prety awesome.

And I like Gravedigger, since I'm thinking of Dave Matthews songs.
AnnieAngel said…
Someone needs to do a country version of Ice-T's Original Gangster.
neon said…
Remember the one-cover-wonders Dynamite Hack?

I don't like music that refers to women as bitches. Don't hate me for saying it.

AnnieAngel said…
OK Neon, stop being exactly the same as Shoe. You freak me out.

What if the songs refer to men as bitches, AG? I just can't hate Snoop, he's too damn cute.
neon said…

Men aren't bitches. We're pimps.
Shai said…
I love Dave Matthews, but I'm not a big fan of Crash. I like his version of All along the Watchtower...And Everyday just makes me happy every time I hear it.
His solo album is good.
I don't know -- I don't think the term needs to be used at all beyond the actual dog species. Just my thoughts...
AnnieAngel said…
There's a species of dog called bitch??? ;)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :(

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