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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Icelandic Winters Are Long.....And Hard

I'm trying to learn Icelandic so I can go there and understand what people are jabbering on about.....this youtube is just strange.....funny I guess, but mostly just strange. :) It's subtitled, so check it out. Neon, you'll probably like it. ;)


  • At 19/1/07 2:00 AM, Blogger neonsaid…

    Jesus! They remade the entire movie without all of those boring parts, (like Ann Hathaways breasts, YAWN). I do love it!

  • At 19/1/07 2:11 AM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Don't take the name of the Lord in vain, Neon.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  • At 19/1/07 4:03 AM, Blogger neonsaid…

    hehe. But I meant PRAISE Jesus!

    You should still watch subtext. Are you out of Texas yet?

  • At 19/1/07 4:41 AM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    No, I am still here but Shoe doesn't have cable. He's anti-tv and I'm going insane.

    I actually read most of the Sagas of the Icelanders since I've been here. :) They sure liked to kill, and drink and as they put it "fuck."

    Can you believe how insane everyone went over a little bit of bad weather??? The Walmart closed!!! All the restaurants closed excpet Pukeaburger. I was like, oh give me a BREAK!!!!!!

    But no one listened to me. Such pussies, I mean, really.

    This is why the south lost the war.

  • At 19/1/07 4:57 AM, Blogger neonsaid…

    haha, Yes I know, we're pussies. We're also stupid enough to think a spatula is a perfect tool for scraping ice off our windshield.

    But the first two days of class were cancelled, I didn't mind that too much.

  • At 19/1/07 11:49 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Shoe tried his fist, and then a screwdriver. :) LOL. :)

    I just shook my head.

  • At 21/1/07 1:43 AM, Blogger neonsaid…


    I bought a scraper after last years day of ice, when I also used a screwdriver..


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