Poor Baby!!!!!

This guy needs a hug.


neon said…
That's one of the best songs ever written by a man with no balls.

Another is a song on the Cat Stevens cd I was given for christmas. "If you don't love me, then maybe I don't love you."

Don't worry, I only asked for it so I'd have a Cat Stevens CD to burn.
AnnieAngel said…
As soon as I can find a guitar, I'm going to make a youtube of me singing my version of Where Do The Children Play. (where do the tourists play)

I feel sorry for the guy in this video. Poor thing.

My friend and I used to play "radio station" on her front lawn in High School. We would sing this song over and over, and give news stories and stuff, until the guy across the street yelled at us to "change the chaneel!!!!"

Then we ran into the house.
neon said…

You need to hurry up and get a guitar!

That guy does look sort of sad, but I'm sure he'll get over it. :)
"Change the Channel."

That's so cute in its own way.
AnnieAngel said…
We didn't think anyone could hear us. :)

Neon, if I don't get a guitar, will you play the music and send it in a file?

Then I can sing over it. We can be like a band. :)
Kita Kazoo said…
This reminds me of what my Dad told me about how condoms feel.
neon said…
I don't think I could play any cat stevens song. I tried learning "if you want to sing out" awhile ago

but it was tough so I gave up.
AnnieAngel said…
You could play the chords, that's all I could do, if I was lucky. ;) I can play chopsticks, though. :)

Hey, Kita, welcome! I hope you'll stick around. :)
neon said…
There was this 16 year old piano player on Oprah today. She was AWESOME. I wanted to shoot myself in the head. I bet Oprah wouldn't be brought to tears if I played her Fred. :(
AnnieAngel said…
I bet she would. :)

I have it on my playlist, I love your song.
neon said…
:) Well that's better than making oprah cry.
AnnieAngel said…
You need to make a youtube of Fred. You can do a slideshow of cute puppies. :)
neon said…
Maybe when it's re-recorded. ;)

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