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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chuntaro Style



  • At 24/7/08 7:39 PM, Blogger Adorable Girlfriendsaid…

    Me thinks Annie has a thing for Mexicans. Either that or she has a hot Latin lovah she is holding out on me about!!

  • At 24/7/08 10:01 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Annie loves cumbia.

    Annie also has a thing for men who dance and enjoy it, specially if they're Mexican. Or Columbian. Annie's actually not too picky if they can shake their ass.

  • At 25/7/08 1:34 PM, Blogger Adorable Girlfriendsaid…

    Good for you, Miss Thing! Annie has standards though. It's not like she schtups Shoelimpy!!!!!! Or any nasty that looks like him either.

    A little something something for Annie at RoD...

  • At 25/7/08 1:59 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Hehehe. No schtupping of any nasties, my precious.

    Fuck all those nights I moaned real loud, fuck it, I faked it, aren't you proud, fuck all those nights you thought you broke my back, well guess what yo, your sex was wack. :):)

    I love you.

  • At 5/8/08 12:53 PM, Blogger Torteyasaid…

    Damn. I did not expect to be chain-bloggering and run into youtubes of bands from my hometown (Monterrey reprezent!) that are entirely unknown outside of Latin America.

    It's a small world after all!

  • At 5/8/08 1:16 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Expect the unexpected!! ;)

    I'm not in love with everything this band does, but I like the cumbias. And they kick ass with Celso Pina.


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