For AG


Oh Annie! You just made me cry at the office.

You are the best. Da best, AG says.

Happy Canada Day, BTW. I didn't post about this year. Maybe next year...
AnnieAngel said…
Don't cry, laugh!

It's like the old joke:

AG: Knock knock!

Canadian: Who's there?

AG : Fuck off.
Another AG one:

Someone who knows about UC: What do you think of Canada.

AG: I don't!
And the crying was from the laughter!!!
AnnieAngel said…
How do you tell a Canadian step-ladder?

It's got "fuck you" written across the top rung.
Canada: the bitch of America: she's bigger, she's on top and she does what she is told.
AnnieAngel said…
And she's frigid too!!
She sure is!

Happy 4th of July! When are you coming to the bigger, better, and far more sexier country?

Our men don't do it with sticks and plaid on!
AnnieAngel said…
Happy 4th back to you!

Annie has HAD IT with American men.

Annie has HAD IT with Canadian men. Except she still likes looking at the Dutch ones, oh yes she likes it when they smile at her. :)

Annie doesn't know what she wants to do with herself.

She's open for suggestions.
Annie, Canadians? Waste. of. time. AG is not even going to waste type on why.

As for American men, I would say checking out the fine crop of the Boston and Chicago areas. They are more refined without the games. Make sure they are American though and from those states. Don't date bridge and tunnel or transplants!!

Your assistance is needed at RoD. And a beat down at!!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
Looks like he banned you.

Poor sport!
He un-banned his AG. He knows where he gets his rim jobs. He knows...

He was just being an aggressive bottom today.

We need some new toonage, A-Unit!

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