Alaskan Stud Farm

Always Check
The Taken List

The best way to know exactly who is taken is by using the AlaskaMan's Box # which is unique to each individual. Keep checking on a regular basis.

Always check here before you attempt to contact one of our men. Hit the refresh button on your browser to make sure you are looking at our latest Taken List.

This amuses me. I remember something similar on Oprah years ago, might have been the same people, I can't bother looking it up, I'm too lazy. They don't let you see the men online, you have to buy the magazine for that. Which is good, because I'm not only lazy, I'm impulsive. ;) Can you imagine? Finding "husband material" through a stud farm in Alaska? Hehehe. Ok, I know it's not a stud farm, but it's close enough to make me laugh my ass off.


Shai said…
How conveinent! Do you have to pay for the man too, or are they "free to a good home?"
AnnieAngel said…
They're free. :) But you have to move to Alaska until after the divorce. ;)
Shai said…
Well, if I ever do need a man they have them some places just sitting around free to take home. Not sure if I would want to actually pay for one. Are they really worth the money?
AnnieAngel said…
No. They aren't even really worth it for free.

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