Christmas Lights at the Falls

giant-brained alien spider?


scammy said…
Did you take these? Mr Scam and I love going to the falls at Christmas time. Uaually for our Anniversary. We havent been there for a few years though. We love the dancing Disney characters and the birdies flittering around the park.

The falls in the winter is beautiful! Nothing beats a FREEZING walk by the falls followed by a HOT dip in the hot tub with bubbly and fudge ; )
AnnieAngel said…
Yes I took them, it was raining so I took them from the car. The lights are so beautiful! I love the Falls, I love the gorge in the summer, all the hot firemen running up and down the stairs with their big heavy hoses. :):)
scammy said…
Firemen???? When? Why?

Me and Shai should come up there for a vacation. To see you of course; )
AnnieAngel said…
Of course. ;)

In the nice weather the firemen like to run up and down the stairs that lead into the gorge. This is a pic of the stairs, no firemen though. :( I need to take pics next time I see them.

They time each other, and they sweat, and they carry big firehoses on their backs to make them look even more sexy. Once I ALMOST said, I bet you can't carry me up the stairs! Then I thought, no, they're all pumped up and they might actually do it and I'd puke and scream and ruin the whole thing.
AnnieAngel said…

Hmmm, try this instead.
scammy said…
Wow! Sweaty firemen is goooood!
AnnieAngel said…
Sweaty nd a little out of breath. Just a little though. :)

Super friendly too! Come visit in the summer and we'll go tease them.
Shai said…
Sounds like fun. I just hate the cold though. I love the lights! So pretty. I can't wait to take sandtrout out for a ride too look at them too.
AnnieAngel said…
Simcoe has a really nice light display at Christmas too. He'd love it.

You should take him to the Falls in the summer too, they have fireworks every night over the Falls, and it's one helluva show.

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