I GOT TICKETS TO TONIGHT'S SHOW!!!!!!!!! SHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. SHAI!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE: IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! YOU WISH YOU WERE ME LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shai said…
Mr Shai is so jealous! You and Gen got to go. You guys deserve some fun though. You both work hard.
AnnieAngel said…

They're playing again in January, you know. I plan to be there, maybe you all could drive up?
scammy said…
My ears. It hurts us.
Sounds like fun!!!!! Shai, I say meet up with her next time and part-ahy!

I have posts up at Freelancegenius.blogspot.com and Empireofthesenseless.blogspot.com
AnnieAngel said…
Relax, precious. The nasty AC/DCsess will not passss, they won'ts, into your web of hip-hopssssess.
AnnieAngel said…
"I have posts up at Freelancegenius.blogspot.com and Empireofthesenseless.blogspot.com"

Who are you? :P
I am your worst nightmare...

AnnieAngel said…
Ohhhhhh, kinky!!!!

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