Cold White Hell

It's snowing in Annieland. It's very pretty and all that jazz. Like a beautiful painting.

And yet, I feel nothing. Only cold, and disappointed that it has yet again come to this. The ground is frozen, the trees are bare but for their blanket of white, and the birds sing no more.

Soon it will be dark, and the wolves will roam the endless waste.

Pray for us.


scammy said…
I feel ya.
Maybe if you pray strong and hard it will be warm again in about 6 months.
AnnieAngel said…
I mostly pray the power doen't go off for some unexplained reason.

Once in the coldest depths of winter, they shut the power off on purpose to do something to it. For 8 hours.

I hate the power people they are evil.

I'm also going to pray Canada takes over Turks and Caicos finally. Won't happen unless we all pray!
Shai said…
I'm so freaking cold! I never knew cold before I had hypothyroidism. This sucks.
AnnieAngel said…
Yes, this does indeed suck.

I've had it already. Shovelled once and now it's snowing again. Funny!

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