Dog fish???

These are washing up dead all over Lake Erie beaches. Any clue what they are?

Ok, so according to the big brains over at 3bulls, it's a salamander. Apparently Lake Erie has botulism and that's what's killing them.

Um, ewwww? I'm so glad I don't swim in it. The poor little mud puppies don't have much of a choice I guess. :(


hi annie!

hope you are being a good good good christian wife, uh, i mean girl friend!

did you see this very nice review of your holy blogdom of peace?

take care and be well!
AnnieAngel said…
Tacky!!! I actually miss you. :) I'll have to drop by that other place and see if you're there sometime when we both can't sleep.

LOL, at that review. But I will admit, I am awesome. :)

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