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Monday, March 31, 2008

Liberal Liars

So while braving the troll-infested haloscan of a certain site, I suggested to the earth-hating, wannabe war protesters that maybe they should get off their cheeto-fattened asses and go to Iraq to protest the presence of American troops "over there."

Sounds like a good idea, right? Put their money where their big stinky mouths are.

But nope, they are more needed here, to like protest earth hour while wondering how many ways they wouldn't fuck Anne Coulter. Busy busy busy!

So a bottom feeder troll pops up, and lo and behold they offer me a free trip to Iraq! Imagine that!!!

Of course I accepted the offer, with the condition that the tickets are purchased through lawyers and that I get to take a side trip to Petra, which is on the way and a place I've wanted to see my whole life.

Well, once the coward saw that I actually WANTED to go, of course he renegged and proved himself to be the typical liberal big fat liar.

I hate liberals, they lie, they get kicked out of bars, and they smell like Philly's ass.

Oh, and they are a bunch of hypocrites with heads full of vicious ideas with no other outlet then hate. Too bad they are so ineffectual at even that.


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